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Schedule Your Chimney Maintenance Now!

Spring is the best time to invest in chimney maintenance, and the staff at SirVent Chimney & Venting Services is eager to help! Why is springtime ideal for inspections, sweepings, and repairs, when the burning season is months away? Well, we’re here to let you know the many benefits of getting it all done early. If you decide now is the best time too, please give us a call immediately to schedule an appointment.

Guarantee Early Fireplace Use

When fall and winter come, we know homeowners are eager to light up their logs and get cozy indoors. However, an inspection should always be performed before the first fire of the year. Neglecting this maintenance could lead to chimney fires, creosote build up, gas leaks, and other concerns. It can also make your fireplace less safe for those inside your home.

Unfortunately, our sweeps get really busy during the fall and winter seasons. While many homeowners try and make last-minute appointments during our busy season then are forced to wait for their inspections and sweepings. This in turn makes the family having to delay the use of their fireplace.

When you schedule now, finding the ideal appointment time for your schedule is a much more simple. Our sweeps aren’t nearly as busy, and we’ll be able to address any issues and repair work in a timely fashion. And your fireplace will be ready to use when Fall arrives. Give us a call today, so we can get started!

Get Repairs Done In Ideal Temperatures

If you’ve been waiting to work on those bigger repair projects on your fireplace and chimney, then now is the time to get started. First of all, our sweeps have plenty of time to get these repairs done. Most reconstruction work take quite some time and putting it off until fall will delay fireplace usage. There’s no doubt that a crackling fire sets the perfect aesthetic for the holidays, so avoid delays by calling us now!

Temperatures in the spring and summer are also more ideal for our products to cure. When they cure properly, they’ll provide better and longer-lasting results. When you pay for a service, you deserve the best, so guarantee yourself satisfaction by calling our sweeps now.

We’re Passionate About Chimney Care

We take pride in providing high-quality services to our service area year after year. Call us at 704-621-9373 today for your inspection, so you can rest easy this fall!

What Is Creosote?

When it comes to chimney care, there is one fact everyone agrees on. This is annual inspections and cleanings are essential! This regular maintenance ensures that all necessary repairs are addressed in a timely manner. In addition, no blockages are messing things up. Also, that all parts of the chimney are working as efficiently as possible.

These things are all very important for the health of your chimney. However, there’s another reason cleanings are so important! The removal of creosote. Many have heard of this substance, but have little knowledge of what it is and just how harmful it can be. Learn more about it below!

What Does It Look Like?

Creosote can take on various forms, and it will always be darker in color. Sometimes is it brittle and flaky, while other times is textured more like tar. The worst form is when it is shiny or glossy and very hard. This is difficult to remove and is a sign that buildup has been occurring for much longer than is safe.

Why Is It Harmful?

No matter what your creosote looks like, it is always dangerous. When too much accumulates, you are more prone to chimney fires, which damage your chimney and put your entire household at risk. You see, creosote is very flammable, meaning any stray sparks or out of control flames could lead to a big mess and hazardous situations.

How does it damage your chimney? It weakens masonry, melts mortar, causes cracks to form, warps metal, and can cause separation to occur between chimney parts. Basically, your entire unit will function less efficiently and not be safe for regular use. No matter the material, brand, style, or age of your chimney, a chimney fire will always cause lots of costly damage!

Always keep an open eye for signs that a chimney fire has occurred. These include puffy creosote, warped metal, missing or cracked tile pieces, discoloration, heat damage, poor air circulation, creosote on the ground or roof, damaged roofing materials, and cracks in your chimney. Knowing your stuff and staying ahead of the game will help you out a lot in the long run.

How Can I Avoid It?

You can avoid the accumulation of creosote by burning smartly. That is, only use seasoned wood, don’t burn odd materials (trash, paper plates, etc.), watch your temperature ranges, and make sure your air supply is not blocked off. All of these factors will help keep creosote buildup to a minimum.

That being said, avoiding creosote altogether is impossible. Some will form, no matter how careful you are, and you will always want to schedule an annual cleaning to ensure your home and family stays as safe as possible.

That’s why you should turn to SirVent Chimney & Venting Service today! Give us a call at 704-621-9373, so we can get you in the books. We look forward to working with you!