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The chimney has several components, but one of the most important parts of the system is the crown. Located at the top of the chimney stack, the crown is a masonry slab that covers the chimney and keeps rain and other natural intruders from making their way in.

It’s a pretty tough job, and unfortunately, the crown can sometimes deteriorate or fail the chimney for other reasons, like poor design. And when this happens, your chimney could be exposed to water without your knowledge.

What Makes A Good Crown?

One of the biggest reasons for crown failures is poor design. Common problems we encounter:

  • The crown is too thin. – At the very thinnest part of the crown, the concrete should be at least 2 inches thick. If it isn’t, there’s a good chance that weather will cause it to deteriorate prematurely.
  • The crown is made of improper materials (like mortar). – We often come across crowns that are constructed of mortar, which really isn’t designed to last as a crown material. In these cases, we may need to completely rebuild the crown with the appropriate materials.
  • The crown doesn’t slant or extend far enough. – A good crown should extend at least 2 ½ inches out from the chimney wall, and should include a drip edge. Unfortunately, many crowns end where the chimney ends and are designed to be completely flat. All this does is encourage water to accumulate on the crown or roll off directly into the chimney stack itself. Both scenarios are unfavorable for chimney and crown longevity.

How Are Crown Repairs Made?

If your chimney crown is damaged, we will evaluate the cause and make repair recommendations based on what we find. If it turns out your crown simply needs a couple of cracks repaired, we may opt to use a specialized crown repair product to seal those cracks and reinforce the crown.

If we find that your crown damage is due to poor construction, it would be pointless to keep coming back and making repairs. In this scenario, we will most likely recommend a full crown rebuild. Whatever we find, you’ll be in good hands with SirVent.

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