We Can Take Care Of Any And All Chimney Repairs

The best thing you can do to keep your chimney working well and serving you and your family for as long as it should is show it some professional TLC. When you take proactive steps to care for your chimney system (like scheduling annual inspections and cleanings), you can prevent many major issues from arising down the line.

Just like your own body, your chimney has many different parts working together for optimal function. And when one of these parts isn’t working properly, it can cause the entire system to fail or work at a lower level of efficiency and safety. That’s why it’s so important to make chimney repairs as soon as a problem is identified.

What Are Some Common Chimney Repairs?

Moisture, creosote, extreme temperatures, severe weather, animal tampering, and shifts within the home (to name a few) can really take a toll on your chimney system. Some of the most common repairs we make as a result are:

Chimney Cap Replacement – Strong storms and animals can cause your chimney cap to come loose or break free altogether. These things can also be responsible for denting or damaging the chimney cap. If your chimney needs a replacement cap, our pros can help you decide which cap is best for your system and properly install it.

Flue Relining – The flue liner has a tough job, and can end up deteriorated beyond repair. In these situations, we can reline your flue so that you can enjoy your chimney for years and years. Click here to read about our flue relining services.

Damper Replacement or Repair – The chimney damper has traditionally been located in the throat of the system, making it especially susceptible to damage. If your damper is difficult to open or close, or is otherwise damaged, we may be able to repair it or offer you a replacement solution, like a new and efficient energy-top damper.

Masonry Repair – Brick and mortar are the perfect materials for a chimney because they’re porous and incredibly durable. But moisture, shifts within the home, creosote and high temperatures can still take a toll on your masonry. If your masonry is cracking or crumbling, we can help! Click here to read more.

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Masonry repairs require the skills and experience of well-trained professionals. At SirVent, we’re happy to offer this important chimney service every day.

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