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What Makes A Good Crown?

Your chimney crown plays a big part in keeping your masonry free from water damage. It takes on a lot of wear and tear, all while ensuring water is sent away from the sides of the chimney. This significantly minimizes the chance of your brickwork absorbing water and breaking down or experiencing the freeze/thaw process.

long chimney red brick with chimney cap

Unfortunately, not all crowns are created equal. Some are more prone to deteriorate, leaving your brickwork and mortar vulnerable to all kinds of issues – not good! If your chimney crown isn’t looking so hot, invest in repair work from our team right away to ensure you don’t face problems when your burning season begins.

Is It Thick Enough?

From bad weather to heavy rainfall to harsh winds and more, your crown can really take a beating! It is important that it is at least two inches thick, so that it is able to withstand anything mother nature throws its way. Any thinner than that, and it may crack and crumble in a hurry, leaving you without the protection your chimney needs.

What’s It Made From?

All too often, we come across crowns that are made from cheap mortar mixes. While this may last you a little while, it definitely won’t stand the test of time, and you’ll need to invest in repair work again before you know it. A crown that is made from a more appropriate cement-based mixture is a much better option when it comes to getting those long-lasting results you’re hoping for.

Does It Slant Far Enough?

The design of a chimney crown makes a big impact on how effective it is. It should extend past the edge of the chimney, ensuring water gets pushed far away from the sides, and it should slant downwards as well, so that water doesn’t pool and settle on the top of it. When it comes to your chimney, water accumulating anywhere is never a good thing. Let us check things over so that you can rest easier knowing you are good this fall.

Is It Waterproofed?

Waterproofing your crown and chimney with our reliable, yet vapor permeable, products will play a big role in keeping everything out of harm’s way, no matter what kind of weather you are facing. Whether there’s snow, rain, sleet, or something else, your structure will stay better protected, giving you the peace of mind when lighting fires this holiday season.

We Can Restore Your Crown

Whether you have fixable issues that we can easily repair or bigger problems that can only be addressed with a rebuild, the sweeps here at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service are here to lend a helping hand. We are certified with the CSIA, members of the NCSG, and passionate about bringing homeowners throughout Lake Norman the best care possible. Call today to set up your appointment!

We Repair & Prevent Chimney Leaks

Summer rains can be a welcome sight after days and days of hot, humid weather. However, if you notice stains and leaks in your chimney and on the walls and ceiling, you are likely experiencing a chimney leak! Water damage is no joke, and your chimney and fireplace can suffer immensely if it does not have adequate protection. Fortunately, the team at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service has solutions for you. Learn more below.

Flashing Repair

A big reason leaks occur is because your flashing is rusted, damaged, or installed incorrectly. Flashing plays a big role in protecting the area where your roof meets the chimney. However, there are lots of reasons why the flashing may fail you, which is why having it regularly inspected by a team of experts is a must. Anything from animal tampering to wind damage to decay can leave you with a waterfall in your chimney before you know it!

Our team is equipped to help you with any of your flashing-related problems. We can do a thorough overview of it, then make repairs as needed, so you’re good to go for the burning season ahead. Call our team today, and we would be happy to get started.


Waterproofing is another important part of a leak-free chimney. Your brickwork and mortar are porous and absorb moisture when it does not have appropriate protection. Our team of sweeps can provide a strong seal to keep water out, without affecting the aesthetic appeal of your structure.

Worried about these products trapping in any pre-absorbed moisture? Don’t fret. They are designed to block water from coming in, while still allowing your structure to breath out fumes and vapors that need to escape. You can’t go wrong when you invest in care from our team!

Chimney Cap Installation

When it comes to stopping water from entering your chimney, a strong and properly installed chimney cap is a must. It covers your flue opening, so that water cannot enter and destroy your chimney liner. Without one in place, you would face all kinds of deterioration inside of your chimney! Chimney caps also keep out animals, excess debris, and annoying downdrafts, so you really can’t go wrong having one in place.

Crown Repairs

Your chimney crown needs to be in great shape to do its job effectively. It extends out past the edge of your chimney sending water away from the sides of your structure. Your brickwork stays better protected, and your mortar will face less damage too. This guarantees you countless stress-free nights in front of a crackling fire. If your crown is damaged or if it was built improperly, give our team a call today!

We love what we do, and we think that folks throughout Lake Norman and its surrounding cities deserve the best care possible. If you want to work with a team that always puts you first, give the SirVent sweeps a call today!

Now Is The Perfect Time For Mortar & Brick Repairs

Fixing up your brickwork and mortar is something the experts at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service specialize in. Whether you are facing crumbling brickwork, flaking mortar, a cracked chimney crown, or something along these lines, our crew is here to help. We can assist you with our tuckpointing services, brick replacement, crown repair, and more.

Ready to get the care you deserve from our experienced and trained masons? Perfect! This time of year is ideal for scheduling this type of maintenance. Learn more about why now is the best time to schedule your appointment by reading below, then reach out to us today to get started!

The Convenience Of Summertime Scheduling

So, why is now the time to call on our team for your chimney repairs? Well, for one thing, you can’t beat the level of convenience you get with summertime schedule. When the cool winds of fall and winter come back around, our phones start ringing off the hook with people wanting to schedule their chimney care. Because of this, finding a time that works well with your schedule is sometimes challenging.

If you find yourself struggling to find free time on a regular basis, then getting your chimney maintenance out of the way now is your best option. We should be able to easily find a time slot that works well for you. Call now, and we can get you on our schedule today!

Guaranteeing Long-Lasting Repairs

When it comes to masonry repairs, we often use materials that need to cure. Unfortunately, applying these materials in colder temperatures won’t give you the long-lasting results you are hoping for. Summertime lends an ideal temperature range for these repairs, and there is less of a chance of facing bad storms that will destroy the work too.

If we see damages that need attention, but the weather is already cold, icy, and snowy, we may suggest putting off the repair work until later. This means no fireplace usage throughout the cold months and no fires to set the mood for those cozy holiday get-togethers. Avoid this problem by calling our team in right now.

Our Certified Team Is Ready To Help

When it comes to masonry repairs, it is vital to have an expert on the job. Taking on the task without the appropriate knowledge and training can lead to unsightly mistakes and structural problems. Save yourself the stress and hassle by counting on our CSIA certified team for it all. We provide dependable, mess-free, and honest care that you are looking for in your chimney company!

We serve Lake Norman, Concord, Hickory, Statesville, and all of the surrounding towns and communities. Call today, and we can get started!

How Did The Chimney Swift Get Its Name?

If you have seen a smaller, cigar-shaped bird flying through the sky recently, there is a good chance it is a chimney swift looking for a place to nest. Chimney swifts are known for their darker color scheme, their fast wingbeats, and their appetite for mosquitoes. They play a big role in keeping our bug populations down, and there is no doubt they make a significant contribution to the world.

So, what do chimney swifts have to do with chimneys? Let’s find out.

How Did The Chimney Swift Get Its Name?

Swifts & Your Chimney

Chimney swifts were given their name based on the fact that they are notorious for building nests in people’s chimneys. Why is this their ideal set-up? Chimney swifts cannot perch like most birds, so instead they cling to the sides of vertical surfaces. Because of this, they cannot build nests like other birds who set them up in the branches of trees.

Rather, chimney swifts use their glue-like saliva to attach their nesting materials to the sides of a vertical surface, such as the inside of a hollow tree, the wall of a cave, or – you guessed – the interior walls of your chimney.

What To Do About Swifts In Your Chimney

Unfortunately, these birds are currently struggling to keep their population up, which is why they are now protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This means that removing them, their nesting materials or any potential young could land you in some legal trouble, and you will likely face some pretty hefty fines, as well.

Because of this, any swift in your chimney must simply be left alone until they leave on their own accord. When temperatures drop, they will migrate to a warmer climate, after which you can have their nesting materials removed, so you can safely use your fireplace again. While this may be inconvenient, it is the only option you face.

Avoiding Problems Down The Line

If you have struggled with the presence of chimney swifts in the past, then you are likely eager to find ways to prevent them from entering your system again. We get it! That’s why the crew here at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service recommends having a well-fitted chimney cap installed. This is an affordable investment that will prevent chimney swifts from entering your flue again down the line, and they keep out other animals, as well. Along with all that, a chimney cap will work to keep water out of your chimney, as well as prevent downdrafts and debris accumulation.

Our team is ready to set you up right, and we can answer any questions you have along the way, as well. Reach out today, and we will get this process started!

What Water & Moisture Can Do To Your Chimney

You may be aware that water and excess moisture are not good for your chimney, but many underestimate just how damaging these elements can be. As we enter the summer months, ensure your system is adequately protected through the rain. Learn more about the potential damages you could face below, then count on our team to provide the care and protection you need to put your mind at ease.

rusty chimney on red brick

Rusting Metal Components

When your chimney is exposed to water, any metal components will be prone to rust and wear down. A prime example is your chimney flashing. Animals or poor installation can easily damage your damper, causing water to pool or enter the system.

No matter what problems your flashing is facing, we can help. We repair and replace flashing all throughout Lake Norman and its surrounding areas, and we can get yours addressed in no time, too. With the rainy season upon us, there is no time to lose, so give our team a call today. We can set you up right!

Broken Down Masonry

If there is one part that is sure to suffer from prolonged water exposure it is the masonry. Your brickwork and mortar become especially vulnerable when they start to absorb water, causing cracks, gaps, and holes to form all throughout your structure. This leads to inefficiency, and it makes you more prone to experience house fires and gas leaks, too.

Fortunately, protecting your masonry is easier than ever when you invest in waterproofing services from us. When we are called to a job, we provide services necessary for patching up any existing damage, then we cover the brickwork with our effective waterproofing products, guaranteeing your chimney years of protection from rain and snow. Schedule your waterproofing services today!

Rot, Clogs, Mold & More

The list of water-related woes is seemingly never-ending when it comes to your chimney. Mold could accumulate, your adjacent woodwork could rot, debris is sure to accumulate and cause clogs, stains might form throughout your walls, and those problems are just a few of many. Why not invest in the preventative care you need to avoid these issues altogether? All it takes is a simple phone call to our team to get this process started!

Why Is SirVent The Team To Trust?

The SirVent team has years of experience in the service industry, and we work with organizations like the CSIA, the NFI, and more to ensure we have the knowledge and training necessary to do a thorough and effective job every single time. If you would like to work with a crew that puts your needs and safety first, then look no further than us. SirVent has your back every step of the way.

Ready to get started? We are, too! Call today to book an appointment with us.