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The Value Of CSIA Certification

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is a nonprofit organization that has been around since 1983. It spreads fireplace and chimney knowledge to homeowners and sweeps all throughout the country so that homes everywhere can function safer and more efficiently.

The CSIA is nationally recognized and holds the standard when it comes to chimney care and education… and the staff at SirVent Chimney is proud to hold their certifications! Learn more about this organization below. It won’t take long for you to see why the CSIA receives countless praises and recognition year after year!

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The CSIA maintains such a good reputation is because the board of directors is always raising the bar for themselves and for their sweeps. In an industry where techniques and technology change on a regular basis, it’s important to stay on top of everything, and the CSIA is always pushing their sweeps to better themselves!

This is why anyone who holds a CSIA certification must renew it every 3 years in order to maintain their title. When you hire a certified sweep, you can rest easy because they are up to date on any of the latest coding and regulations. Technicians obtaining their certification will take written tests and go through tons of hands-on learning experiences to better themselves for all of their future customers.

People trust the CSIA because they prove themselves time and time again. With every year that passes, they never fail to stay current on all of the latest developments in the chimney sweep trade. There’s no doubt that they expect a lot from the sweeps they train. We take pride in our CSIA certifications because we know the training we go through helps make us the best that we can be… and our customers deserve that!

Maintaining A High Moral Code

We also respect the CSIA for their strong ethical viewpoints and their selfless mission statement. This organization wants their sweeps to use what they learn to better serve the public and treat homeowners with professionalism and honesty in every job they take on. They push their sweeps to respect anyone they work with and to educate the public on how to maintain a safer home. That’s why every CSIA certified professional must sign a code of ethics before they are granted their credentials.

When it comes to keeping the public informed, the CSIA is on top of it! There are tons of things that can go wrong when a chimney isn’t well maintained (house fires, chimney fires, gas leaks, etc.), and the leaders of this organization want to do all they can to ensure these disasters never occur. When you work with a CSIA certified expert, you know you’re in the best hands possible. That’s why we want you to work with us!

If you need some routine maintenance done on your fireplace, dryer vents, or masonry, please give us a call today. The experienced staff at SirVent Chimney is happy to serve you!

The Benefits of Having a Bellfire Fireplace in Your Home

Choosing the right type of fireplace to enjoy in your home can sometimes be a daunting task, as people today are faced with a seemingly endless array of options. When considering them all, one cannot simply overlook a timeless and trusted option: the Bellfire fireplace. It was created when Professor Peter O. Rosin conducted a series of experiments in the early 1900’s that yielded certain results about air and heat flow from fires, and Bell of England utilized these findings to create the simple yet efficient design we see today. The Bellfire is a fireplace that is advantageous to the heating of our homes, and you might enjoy it for several reasons. Take a moment to look at some of them.

Bellfire Fireplaces - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney

Durability & Safety

The Bellfire’s materials make it something that is very durable, which also makes it a safer option. It utilizes in its construction a litany of refractory materials which, according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) defines these as, “non-metallic materials having those chemical and physical properties that make them applicable for structures or as components of systems that are exposed to environments above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (800 degrees celsius/811 Kelvin), which means they are able to maintain their strength at significantly higher temperatures. The materials wrap around the entire firebox, under the hearth, and surrounds the smoke chamber, which in turn provides safety in that it prevents heat from flowing into adjacent combustible structures. For the Bellfire, the durability of its materials also makes it a safer choice.

Design & Efficiency

The Bellfire fireplace’s shape and design is also one of its strengths. Its half-pear design and open hearth allow the fire’s “apex” to form along the back wall, thus creating a hot spot that radiates heat back into the fire, therefore it achieves close to a complete combustion of the wood fuel. Due to Professor Rosin’s findings about air and heat flow, the Bellfire was designed this way in order to make it one of the most efficient heating devices of the modern era. The occurrence of the “apex” and complete fuel combustion yields heat that radiates out into the room at an almost maximum level without the use of any fans or other devices blowing. This efficiency minimizes the amount of other forms of energy use in the house be they gas or electrical. Its also important to note that the Bellfire’s fifty percent smaller flue diameter also leads to less fuel loss, thereby maximizing its fuel burning efficiency with more heat from less wood. This flue design also decreases the amount of smoke flowing through your house, so you never have to deal with that smoky smell [sirventcharlotte.com/chimney-installations/bellfires/]. It utilizes an utterly simplistic design, and yet it maximizes its efficiency without sacrificing its performance! The Bellfire is definitely a choice for anyone who is looking for more efficiency in heating their homes this winter!

If you’re someone who thinks the Bellfire might be the fireplace for you, don’t hesitate to call SirVent Chimney and Venting Service! Our CSIA certified technicians serve the greater Lake Norman, North Carolina area with professional, reliable and knowledgeable chimney services. Click here or call us today and begin the steps to having your very own Bellfire Fireplace!