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Schedule Your Sweeping This Summer (Before The Fall Rush)

When it comes to regular sweepings and inspections, we hear from a lot of people in the fall and winter. Homeowners need to get this maintenance done before the cold weather hits, and they often forget to get it scheduled until the last minute. We love to help out all of our customers, but that time of year can get pretty hectic as we try to squeeze everyone in.

Because of this, we like to encourage our customers to schedule their cleanings now, before our schedules get packed. There are many benefits to crossing this off of your to-do sooner, rather than later. Learn more below.

Get The Appointment Time You Want

We get that everyone has different schedules, and that service work needs to be booked around already busy lives. Unfortunately, when our books fill up, reserving a time slot that’s convenient for you is harder to do. We try our hardest to work around our customers’ schedules, but it’s simply not always possible during the busy season. To get the time slot you want, schedule your cleaning now, before the big rush hits!

On top of that, you now have one less thing to worry about this fall. Chimney sweeping? Done!

Allow Time For Repairs

If we find damages throughout your system, these need to be addressed before your appliance can be run. Those who wait until the last minute are often left without a fireplace for part of the colder months. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on adding a warm and cozy aesthetic to your holiday parties, which is why we encourage taking care of these repairs now – instead of waiting until the last minute.

Not only will our books be wide open to serve you quickly… our materials can cure properly too! This temperature range is ideal for most chimney repairs. When we work on your system, we don’t want to leave you with short-term fixes. We want to apply to best products and get the best results possible! Schedule your repairs now to ensure they stand the test of time.

Help Us Stay Safe

On top of everything, we would much prefer summer maintenance over winter, because we want to keep our staff safe. We have been faithfully serving this area for years, and we have our loyal and hard-working staff to thank for providing such great customer service time and time again. To ensure that we can serve you to the best of our abilities, help us out by scheduling repairs now, instead of waiting until it is icy.

Check Us Out!

On top of cleanings and repairs, we offer a lot of other services, too! We do installations, dryer vent cleaning, and we can troubleshoot your chimney problems in no time. Our CSIA certified sweeps are ready, willing, and qualified to help you out today. Give us a call to set up your appointment now!

Your Flashing May Need Repair

Knowing all about the various parts of your chimney can be a challenge, but it is important to stay up to date on inspections and necessary repairs. If you haven’t checked on your flashing in a while, then now is the time! Have an expert come in and take a look to ensure you are in good shape. They can take on any damage and get you back to where you need to be for safe and efficient chimney use.

All About Flashing

So, what exactly is flashing and why is it so important? Flashing is made up of metal pieces that are installed where the chimney and roof meet. Flashing helps keep moisture away from your chimney and reduces the risk of leaks and water damage. In addition, it also works to prevent stains, brick and mortar deterioration, and various types of decay throughout the chimney.

As you can tell, flashing plays an important role in your chimney’s health! Unfortunately, many things can deter it from doing its job. Whether it is bad weather, animal interference, earthquakes, rust, or an improper installation job, many things can cause damage to the flashing. Consequently, it then leaves your home vulnerable to water damage.

My Flashing Is Damaged!

If you know that your flashing needs some attention, calling in a professional is your best option for getting back to where you need to be. Here are some reasons why.

  • Hiring a professional will ensure you a proper installation.
  • Experts have the appropriate tools for doing an efficient and thorough job.
  • Depending on the materials you are working with, the job may entail more intricate and complicated work.
  • There is much less stress for the homeowner and less room for error (thus avoiding repairs down the line).
  • No need to waste a day with a time-consuming project! A professional will come in and do everything, so you can stay on schedule your regular routine.
  • This job takes place on a roof, which can be very dangerous without the proper equipment. Lower risk of falling and becoming injured by calling in a certified tech today.

These are only some of the reasons why hiring an expert is the way to go! All in all, calling in a professional takes the burden off of you, while allowing you peace of mind, knowing everything will be done right. Installing flashing can be complex and improper installation will only cause more costly repairs down the line.

SirVent Chimney Can Help!

At SirVent Chimney & Venting Service, our technicians are CSIA trained and certified to take on any chimney job you throw our way. Need us to look at your flashing? No problem! We can check things over and take on any necessary repairs, so you can start using your chimney with ease.

Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Common Chimney Repairs

What about Repairs?

If you are a fireplace owner, you know how important it is to schedule regular maintenance for your chimney and fireplace. A professional chimney expert comes to check that everything is running Common Chimney Repairs Image - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney and Venting Servicesmoothly and that no repairs are necessary.

What if repairs are needed? Never fear! SirVent Chimney & Venting Service is here for you – ready and able to fix any issues you may be facing.

Here at Sirvent Chimney, we take chimney health seriously, which is why we strive to educate our customers on a regular basis. Does something seem off with your appliance? Check out this list of common chimney repairs.

Damaged Chimney Cap Or Crown

Chimney caps and crowns work hard to protect the opening of your chimney. Without these, your chimney will face a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. The caps and crowns work to keep water and excess moisture away, and keep your unit free from animals and countless potential blockages.

Crown or cap damage should be addressed right away. You will find yourself facing more damage the longer cracks and holes are left alone! A lot of time and money addressing complicated repairs that could have been easily fixed if spotted sooner. Call us in to inspect and repair your crown or cap today!

Cracked/Broken-Down Masonry

If your masonry is showing any signs of wear and tear, call in someone as soon as you can. You are in for a long list of problems if your brickwork is given the chance to absorb excessive amounts of moisture. Say hello to stains, deterioration, clogs, rust, cracks, rotting wood, and more!

Excess water means your chimney will experience the freeze/thaw process. The process occurs as water freezes and expands in the winter, and thaws and shrinks in the spring. This leads to a lot of unwanted problems. All that pressure could lead to a settlement or, worse, an entire chimney collapse! Save yourself countless stressful hours, and schedule your next inspection now.

Loose Flashing, Cracked Flues, Damaged Dampers, & More!

We’ve already listed a lot of problems, and that’s just the beginning. If your flashing becomes loose, you are looking at a lot of excess moisture and water damage. It could rust and deteriorate, leaving your chimney and roof vulnerable to countless issues. Professional inspections and installations are vital to chimney health and prevention of these problems.

Your flue or damper could be cracked or damaged, causing a long list of problems with ventilation. If you have any chimney experience, you know how important proper airflow is! Save yourself the hassle by investing in us today!

At SirVent Chimney, we can help you come up with solutions that will drastically reduce the need for repairs in the future. Now is the time – pick up your phone and call 704-621-9373!

Schedule An Off-Season Cleaning Today

When the weather starts to warm up, it is typical to cut back on fireplace use. Yet, just because you are not lighting fires as often, does not mean that you can neglect your chimney. Regular maintenance and upkeep is just as important in the spring and summer months as it is in the fall and winter. Check out just some of the many reasons why scheduling a Schedule and Off Season Cleaning Today- Lake Norman NC- SirVent Chimney and Venting Service-w800-h800cleaning this spring will keep your chimney sturdier over time, and will make your life easier in the long run.

Reducing Creosote

After enjoying multiple fires throughout the cold months, it is likely that large amounts of creosote have built up inside of your chimney. Getting your chimney swept clean of this debris is important in reducing the risk of fires within the home. Creosote is highly flammable meaning any fires lit in a dirty chimney will put yourself and your family at a higher risk of danger.

Another issue with creosote is its potential for causing nasty odors. Once the warmer weather hits, people like to turn on the air conditioning more frequently. This practice often makes the creosote smell more prominent throughout the home, making visitors and family members more uncomfortable.

Addressing Fix-Ups

Springtime is perfect for taking care of any cracks in brickwork and catching up on needed repairs. Often time the weather conditions this time of year are ideal for letting the various chemicals and mortar dry properly. If it is too cold, they will freeze and crumble, yet extreme heat is not ideal, either. Scheduling these fixes is smart to do early in the season, before temperatures drop and the opportunity passes.

It also is ideal for inspecting and repairing any flashing, chimney caps, or other parts of the chimney that may be breaking down. The weather conditions make it easier to access these various parts and there will be no snow piled up, getting in the way. It also removes the chance of the roof being covered in ice and is an all-around safer option for repairmen and chimney sweeps.

Waterproofing Brickwork

Waterproofing your chimney is essential in keeping it strong, and springtime is ideal for getting this job done. It is best done after repairs and cleanings have taken place. Once your chimney is in tip-top shape, the waterproofing will help to ensure it stays that way, preventing any excess moisture from entering the brick and mortar. Without it, water may penetrate and cause a lot of damage and deterioration, eventually making your chimney unsuitable for regular use.

A professional will be able to assess your situation and get your chimney in the best shape possible, so that you can enjoy your fireplace to the fullest when winter comes back around. At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, our chimney experts are trained and certified, ensuring that you will be left with the best service possible. Keep your home and family safe, and schedule a cleaning and inspection today!

Your Chimney’s Anatomy

Owning a fireplace is a lot of responsibility and requires regular maintenance on the part of the homeowner. It is important to know about the various parts of the chimney and recognize how they all work together to help things function efficiently. By staying educated on this, you can create the best possible atmosphere in your home and greatly reduce the risk of smoke or other debris backing up into your living room.
Your Chimney Anatomy-Lake Norman NC- SirVent Charlotte-w800-h800
Study up on these basic chimney parts, so that you know how to use your fireplace properly. Knowing their functions will also guide you towards what parts may need to be addressed, should your system start malfunctioning.

  • Chimney Caps: This part of the chimney is a very important piece and works to protect it from potential damage. They keep rain, snow, and other types of harmful weather out of your chimney, thus decreasing the likelihood of accumulating rust and other types of debris that will lead to eventual deterioration. They also help in maintaining proper ventilation by keeping animals, leaves, and other debris from entering.
  • Flues: Fireplaces need consistent air flow to stay lit. The fumes they provide need to escape outside of the house, while new fresher air needs to come back in to help keep the fire going. Without a chimney’s ability to properly vent air, a homeowner’s family could be facing a lot of health issues, as well as find themselves constantly surrounded by a nasty smoky smell. Flues take that harmful smoke and pump it outdoors, while venting clean air back in, thus helping the fireplace function efficiently, while keeping one’s home and family safe.
  • Damper: A damper is another part of the chimney that helps to control the draft. When it is working properly, it benefits the homeowner both when the chimney is in use and when it is not. When no fire is lit, a tightly closed damper will work to keep the cold outside air from entering, thus ensuring the house is sealed and the energy bills are low. When a fireplace is in use, a damper works to push harmful toxins out and helps in keeping things properly ventilated.

These are just a few of the many parts that make up a chimney and help it to function correctly. All of these contribute to draft flow and ventilation, which is a very important piece in ensuring that everything is running properly. If any of these parts are broken or functioning incorrectly, they should be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Making sure that everything is in proper working condition before starting any fires is important in ensuring the safety of your home and family. Contact SirVent Chimney and Venting Service today and schedule an appointment. We will come inspect your chimney and make assessments as to whether or not repairs are needed. Now is the prime time for addressing masonry work, so do not hesitate in giving us a call.