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What Does A Chimney Sweeping Entail?

Do you own a fireplace? Well, soon it will be time to start putting it to use! Fall is coming up fast, and before we know it the cool holiday season will be here in full swing. Make sure you’re prepared for it by scheduling an inspection with our crew today. And, if you need a sweeping, we can help with that, too! Learn more about this process below, then give us a call to get your appointment on the books.

Man cleaning chimney

We’ll Remove Blockages

First things first, we’ll need to ensure no blockages are present within your system. If your flue is clogged up with dirt, debris, nesting materials, and more, air will not be able to flow through the chimney as efficiently. This will keep your fireplace from running as well, and it could send smoke and other dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide, back into your home.

Carbon monoxide exposure results in hundreds of deaths every single year, and it’s colorless and odorless characteristics make it next to impossible to detect. Don’t risk it – have our crew check your chimney over today. We also urge our customers to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for their home.

We’ll Remove Creosote

Creosote is a substance that forms in your chimney as you burn fires in your fireplace. Things like burning unseasoned wood, restricted airflow, and cooler than normal chimney temperatures cause creosote to form at a faster rate and, the more you have of it, the more likely you are to face a chimney fire.

Chimney fires are extremely harmful to the health of your structure, and they cause all kinds of deterioration throughout your brickwork and mortar. These damages will give smoke, flames, and dangerous gases ample opportunity to escape into your home, meaning you could be dealing with medical bills, property damage, and sick or injured family members before you know it.

Our team will ensure no creosote is present when our job is through. We have specialized tools that effectively remove it, and we are certified with the CSIA and the NFI, so you can rest easy because we definitely know our stuff. Call today, so that we can get started!

Any Damages?

When sweeping your chimney, we will also check for any damages or potential threats to your chimney’s structural integrity. Should we find any issues that need addressing, we will suggest further maintenance, and you can bet our crew can handle it all. In no time, you’ll be all set and ready to put your system to use, ensuring a happy, safe, and comfortable autumn and winter season.

Anxious to get started? So are we! Our busy season will be here soon, so reach out now to get your appointment scheduled at a time that works well for you. We’re ready to take your call!

Safety Tips For Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

Whether you’re adding spooky spider webs for Halloween, leaves and turkeys for Thanksgiving, or snowmen and reindeer for Christmas, decorating your fireplace mantel can be a fun activity for any holiday! That being said, it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind to avoid potential damage and unsafe situations.

Fortunately, the team here at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service is here to offer advice and guidance to help homeowners avoid a catastrophe this holiday season. Check out these tips for decorating your mantel in the upcoming months.

Be Cautious With Flammable Decor

christmas fireplaceA lot of holiday decorations are flammable, so it’s important to keep them a safe distance from any potential flames. On this same note, do not intentionally burn any old decorations, wrapping paper pieces, garbage, old boxes, or similar items in your fireplace, as these items all encourage the build up of creosote, which is known for triggering chimney fires.

It’s also important to keep your tree, as well as any gifts, away from the fireplace. The needles and sap in live trees are very flammable, and it’s not worth taking any risks! If you choose to buy a fake tree, make sure it is fire-resistant to reduce the chances of a house fire. If you do buy a live tree, never burn it in the fireplace at the end of the season as this, too, encourages creosote to accumulate.

Extra Steps For Protecting Your Home

Since fireplaces are put to use more often during the holiday season, it’s important to keep fire safety tips in mind throughout your burning period. For example, ensure that all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are equipped with new batteries and working properly, as these devices could make all the difference in getting everyone out of the house safely.

Also, if you have a wood-burning fireplace, be cautious when disposing of ashes. Be sure you’re storing them in a metal bucket and on a non-flammable surface for at least a few days until all embers are definitely extinguished. Along with this, be certain everyone knows at least two ways out of the home, should a fire occur, and practice potential escape plans to ensure everyone is ready in case of an emergency.

Schedule An Inspection With Us Today

One of the biggest steps you can take to keep your home protected is to invest in regular fireplace care. By scheduling an inspection every year with a CSIA certified chimney sweep, you can spot any build up or damage well ahead of time and have it addressed before the holidays really kick off.

Have you gotten your inspection on the books yet? If not, count on our team to help you out. We offer level 1, 2 and 3 inspections, so we’ll have you covered, no matter what your fireplace needs are. Give us a call today to set something up!

Let Us Take On All Of Your Chimney Problems

Are you eager to kick off your burning season this fall, but know that your chimney is experiencing some issues? There are a number of things that could be going on causing all sorts of problems that are both inconvenient and dangerous, and it can make the upcoming holiday season a whole lot less pleasant when your fireplace is giving you trouble.Your Chimney Problems - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney & Venting Service

Well, when it comes experience, expertise, and training, our team can’t be beat! We are dedicated to troubleshooting chimney problems all throughout our service areas, and we won’t quit until we figure out what’s going on. Trust in us with it all – you won’t regret it!

What To Expect From Us

When people hire us to track down the source of their chimney struggles, they sometimes get an unsettling picture of us tearing into your fireplace and pulling things apart until we figure we out. This isn’t the case at all! We’ll start out simple and go from there, checking out the most easily accessible parts of your chimney first, then moving forward, as needed.

We’ve been in this line of work for quite some time now, so we know where to start and what the most likely culprit of your issue is. For example, if you have some serious water leaks occurring, then there’s a good chance a chimney cap will resolve your issues. This is fairly quick and very affordable fix and, once we’re done, you’ll be good to go!

Whether the root of the problem is big or small, extensive or simple, we’ll track it down, and we’ll give you an honest and straightforward assessment of the situation. We can then recommend your best options for moving forward. No matter what, we’ll get you up and running again before fall comes back around, so that you can enjoy your burning season to the fullest!

Resolving These Issues Guarantees A Safer Home

Throughout all of this, one this is for certain. If you have a problem with your chimney or fireplace, calling in a team of professional sweeps is the right move to make. From blockages to water damage to broken down parts and more, there are a number of things that could be going on, all of which put your home and family at some serious risk.

Don’t risk a settlement, collapse, gas leak, chimney fire, or anything else that could cause illness, injury, and/or a whole lot of damage. Make your life easier and less stressful by simply depending on us from the very start! Your home deserves to be cared for by a high-quality and thoughtful team, and we can help guarantee you won’t face any bigger issues down the line.

Call Now While Things Are Slower

As you know, fall is just weeks away, and business is going to start picking up soon. Call now to ensure you get an appointment time that works well with your schedule. The sooner we’re on the job, the sooner you can move forward. We’re ready and eager to get started, so please pick up the phone today!

What Is Creosote?

When it comes to chimney care, there is one fact everyone agrees on. This is annual inspections and cleanings are essential! This regular maintenance ensures that all necessary repairs are addressed in a timely manner. In addition, no blockages are messing things up. Also, that all parts of the chimney are working as efficiently as possible.

These things are all very important for the health of your chimney. However, there’s another reason cleanings are so important! The removal of creosote. Many have heard of this substance, but have little knowledge of what it is and just how harmful it can be. Learn more about it below!

What Does It Look Like?

Creosote can take on various forms, and it will always be darker in color. Sometimes is it brittle and flaky, while other times is textured more like tar. The worst form is when it is shiny or glossy and very hard. This is difficult to remove and is a sign that buildup has been occurring for much longer than is safe.

Why Is It Harmful?

No matter what your creosote looks like, it is always dangerous. When too much accumulates, you are more prone to chimney fires, which damage your chimney and put your entire household at risk. You see, creosote is very flammable, meaning any stray sparks or out of control flames could lead to a big mess and hazardous situations.

How does it damage your chimney? It weakens masonry, melts mortar, causes cracks to form, warps metal, and can cause separation to occur between chimney parts. Basically, your entire unit will function less efficiently and not be safe for regular use. No matter the material, brand, style, or age of your chimney, a chimney fire will always cause lots of costly damage!

Always keep an open eye for signs that a chimney fire has occurred. These include puffy creosote, warped metal, missing or cracked tile pieces, discoloration, heat damage, poor air circulation, creosote on the ground or roof, damaged roofing materials, and cracks in your chimney. Knowing your stuff and staying ahead of the game will help you out a lot in the long run.

How Can I Avoid It?

You can avoid the accumulation of creosote by burning smartly. That is, only use seasoned wood, don’t burn odd materials (trash, paper plates, etc.), watch your temperature ranges, and make sure your air supply is not blocked off. All of these factors will help keep creosote buildup to a minimum.

That being said, avoiding creosote altogether is impossible. Some will form, no matter how careful you are, and you will always want to schedule an annual cleaning to ensure your home and family stays as safe as possible.

That’s why you should turn to SirVent Chimney & Venting Service today! Give us a call at 704-621-9373, so we can get you in the books. We look forward to working with you!

Creosote and Your Chimney

When it comes to fireplace maintenance, there can be a lot of information to take in. Between regular inspections, waterproofing, fixing up brickwork, and more, homeowners often find themselves investing a lot of time and money into their chimney.Creosote and Chimneys Image - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney
This hard work always pays off when they are sitting around a cozy fire with loved ones, but finding ways to reduce time spent on chimney upkeep is always welcome.

One way to lighten the load is by increasing your awareness of creosote build-up and learning ways to avoid it.

What Is Creosote?

Creosote is a stubborn substance that forms as you burn fires in your chimney.
Sometimes it is flaky, while other times it forms into a sticky tar-like material. Regardless of how it appears, it is not good for the health of your chimney. Not only does a dirty chimney break down the brickwork and mortar, but a build-up of creosote will often be the cause of a chimney fire.

Removing Creosote

When it comes to removing creosote, doing it yourself is typically not the best option. If you miss anything, you leave open the potential for fires and harmful toxins entering the home. Also, knowing which chemicals and tools are appropriate can be challenging, and the wrong combination of products could be bad for chimney health.

When you hire a professional, you know that all of your bases are covered. A fireplace should be inspected and cleaned at least once per year, so be sure to ask your regular sweep about your creosote situation next time they come around. Hiring someone who is trained and certified, like the staff at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, will always be your best option.

Avoiding Creosote

There are ways to avoid creosote building up in your chimney. On top of scheduling your annual cleaning and inspection, follow these guidelines to slow the rate at which it forms.

  • Burn Seasoned Wood: When you pick out your firewood, make sure it is light in weight, cracked or split at the ends, and that it makes a clinking noise (rather than a dull thud) when you hit it together. All of these are signs that the wood is properly seasoned, which will decrease the amount of creosote that forms when you burn it.
  • Maintain Air Flow: Ensuring that air can move properly throughout the chimney is a large component in reducing creosote build-up. The longer smoke and other toxins are allowed to stay within a chimney, the more debris you will end up storing.
  • Keep Temperatures High: Burning seasoned wood and burning it quickly are both key factors in maintaining hot fires that produce a smaller amount of toxins. You will need to refuel a bit more often if you want to keep the fire going, but it will be well worth it to avoid excess creosote sticking to your brickwork.

The best way to avoid too much creosote is to call in the experts at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service. Schedule your inspection with us today!