Our Techs Are Experts When It Comes To Dryer Vent Services

Every year, there are thousands upon thousands of house fires caused by dirty, overworked clothes dryers, but this doesn’t have to be a reality. By hiring a professional and certified dryer vent service company to handle all of your dryer vent installations, services and cleanings, you can enjoy the convenience of a clothes dryer without the worry.

But it’s not just safety that’s a concern, it’s efficiency! If your dryer venting system was poorly installed, or has been damaged or choked with lint and other buildup, the efficiency of your appliance may be seriously stifled. But we can help!

You Can Count On Us

Our technicians are C-DET-certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and undergo extensive training and testing on all things dryer exhaust related. Because of our experience, our dedication to professionalism, and our attention to detail, you can expect clean, thorough, quality service.

We Install Dryer Vents

In many new constructions, the dryer venting system is installed with duct tape and very little concern for airflow optimization or safety. But with SirVent, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality installation. Regardless of whether you want your dryer located on the outskirts of the home or somewhere central, we’ll design and install a venting system that is smart and efficient for your layout.

We Service Dryer Vents

Because our techs have such an all-encompassing knowledge and understanding of dryer venting systems, we also offer dryer vent service and repair. Are you experiencing efficiency issues? Is it possible that your dryer venting system is damaged or poorly installed? Our troubleshooting pros will identify the source of your issues and make the necessary repairs or corrections.

We Clean Dryer Vents

Even the most properly installed dryer vents in the best condition will experience efficiency and safety problems if they’re clogged with lint or animal nesting materials. Keep your system working properly by scheduling regular cleanings with our team of experts. Read more about the importance of dryer vent cleaning services here!

Call Us For All Of Your Dryer Vent Needs

If you’re tired of wasting money because of an inefficient dryer, we can help! Don’t just assume you need a new dryer – you may just need the venting system reworked, repaired or cleaned. Give us a call today and we’ll inspect and evaluate your system so that you can enjoy optimal performance and safety once again! You can also click here to schedule an appointment online!


We love traveling to all the communities we serve and our customers love knowing they can rely on SirVent for professional chimney and vent services every time.

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