We’re The Best At Troubleshooting Chimney Problems

When something isn’t right with your chimney system, you can experience all sorts of unpleasant side effects, like excessive smoke and smoke stains, carbon monoxide exposure (and possibly poisoning), poor heat output and frigid drafts among other things. And because a large portion of the chimney system is hidden from view, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the trouble is originating. That’s why you need the pros at SirVent.

Our team of chimney technicians has decades of experience and knows just what to look for and where to look first. We’ll take a close look at all accessible components of your chimney and evaluate the system as a whole. Based on our findings, we’ll make recommendations for repairs or adjustments, starting with the most likely and least invasive and expensive option first.

Some Common Causes Of Chimney Problems

Chimney problems can be caused by a variety of things, but here are some of the most common causes:

  • A flue that’s too big or too small for the appliance. If your flue is too big or too small for the appliance it’s venting, you can bet you’ll have smoke problems, as well as efficiency problems. If this is the cause of your chimney trouble, we may be able to resolve the problem with a simple flue relining. Click here to read more.
  • A missing chimney cap. It may not seem all that important, but a chimney cap can do a great job of keeping gusts of wind from bursting into your chimney and forcing smoke back into your home. If a missing chimney cap is responsible for your problems, we can install a new one for you in no time.
  • A broken damper. The damper is designed to be opened during a fire and closed when the fireplace is not in use. If your damper rusts into place or breaks, you can experience frigid drafts and higher utility bills, which can be incredibly frustrating. But our techs can replace your damaged damper with a new highly efficient energy-top damper. Read more here.
  • Water intrusion and damage. Water damage can be responsible for a lot of your chimney problems, from moldy odors and rusted fireboxes to smoke and carbon monoxide problems. In fact, water is one of the worst things to happen to a chimney, so if you suspect water trouble, give us a call right away. We can locate the point of intrusion, put a stop to it, and protect your system from future problems. Read more about chimney leaks here.
  • Poor design. Of course if your chimney was poorly constructed, you’re bound to encounter problems with your system. Some design flaws may be chimney height or crown design. Whatever the design issue, our masons know how to fix the problem and add enjoyment and warmth back into your home.
  • Competing appliances. Sometimes there just isn’t enough air in your home to go around. In these situations, another appliance may be taking its air from the chimney, causing smoke to flow back into the home. If this is the source of your problems, the solution can be as simple as opening a window, turning off other appliances when your chimney is in use, or installing an outside air source.
  • A flue blockage. If there are animals, nesting materials, thick creosote, or other debris restricting airflow in your chimney, you may notice a number of problems related to both health and efficiency. A proper chimney cleaning can remedy this situation quickly and effectively.

Let The Experts Help

Whatever trouble you’re experiencing with your chimney system, the team at SirVent can help! Give us a call or click here to schedule an appointment and get back to enjoying your fireplace once more.


Our complete services for your chimney include all kinds of chimney repairs so you can rest easy when it comes to your home’s safety.

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