Keep Your Chimney Clean & Efficient With A Professional Chimney Sweeping

Every year, millions of homeowners seek solace from the winter winds by their warm and glowing fireplaces. But as comforting and enjoyable as a toasty night by the fire can be, you really can’t enjoy it with peace of mind if you don’t know what kind of condition your fireplace and chimney are in.

The average number of house fires traced back to the chimney system for 2009-2011 was more than 24,000, and our goal here at SirVent is to bring that number down to 0. That’s why we stress the importance of having your system regularly inspected and swept.

What Does A Chimney Sweep Entail & What’s The Point?

During a sweeping, our technicians work to remove flammable and dangerous deposits from the inside of the chimney system, and clean all accessible parts of the appliance. Here’s what we’re looking for during a sweeping:

  • We’ll check for any blockages within the flue. Animals, birds, insects, nesting materials and other debris can get into your chimney system and create a dangerous blockage. This can easily cause a chimney fire, or lead to excessive smoke problems or carbon monoxide poisoning. If we find any of these blockages during a sweeping, we’ll remove them (unless they’re chimney swifts, a protected species) and make recommendations for keeping debris and animals out of your system in the future.
  • We’ll check for any abnormal or excessive buildup of creosote. Creosote is a normal byproduct of combustion, but if there’s an excessive amount in your system it could be the sign of a problem. Some common causes of excessive creosote are:
    • Improperly sized flue
    • Improperly seasoned wood
    • A cold flue
    • Inadequate air supply
  • We’ll check for any visible damages or areas of weakness or concern. During a sweeping, we’ll also make note of any areas within the system that could potentially be a threat or a concern, and make recommend solutions or repairs.

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Keeping up with annual inspections and sweepings allows you and your family to enjoy the warmth and ambiance that your fireplace brings, without worry. Let SirVent give you the peace of mind you’re looking for – call or click to schedule your sweeping today!

Regular chimney inspections will go a long way toward giving you more peace of mind when it comes to home safety. You can count on us for this needed chimney service and more.

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