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Is A Prefabricated Fireplace A Good Choice?

If you’re having a new fireplace installed, it may seem like there are lots of decisions to make. Knowing what fuel choice to pick and what design to go with can be a bit of a challenge. We know it will all be worth it when everything is said and done! The team at SirVent Chimney is here to help out folks all throughout our service area, so they know they’ll end up with something they love.

One major decision a homeowner has to face when picking out a new fireplace is whether they want a masonry fireplace or prefabricated fireplace. Both are good choices, but you’ll definitely want to learn all the pros and cons of each before making your final decision. Many have this ideal image of a masonry fireplace, as it adds a more classic look and feel to the home. However, prefabricated fireplace provide a lot more options than you may realize! Learn more about these models below.

Things To Consider

There are a lot of reasons that a prefabricated fireplace is a good choice for any home. For one thing, they are a lot less time-consuming to install than a masonry option, so you’ll be up and running before you know it! They’re also a lot less expensive. If you’re working on a tighter budget, this may work better for your household.

In addition, these units will offer a lot more flexibility as far as placement within your home. There are more codes and regulations involved with building a masonry fireplace, so you’ll be a lot more limited at to where it can go. Prefabricated fireplaces are installable in various places due to their light weight.

Finally, prefabricated fireplaces are better for people who aren’t necessarily sure they want to make a permanent commitment to anything. Masonry fireplaces are strong and durable, meaning they can last for decades when well maintained. This is the perfect scenario for some, but others feel a bit more hesitant about such a big investment. Prefabricated options will give you years of warmth and enjoyment without becoming a fixture in your home.

Always Work With A Pro

If you’ve decided a prefabricated fireplace is right for you, great! Just be sure you invest in help from a professional crew for all of your installation needs and regular maintenance. It’s vital that all parts are put together exactly as they are supposed to. One minor mishap can lead to big and dangerous issues for you and your family. Reduce the risk of fires, gas leaks, inefficiency, and more by having us help you out from the very start!

Along with this, investing in regular sweepings and inspections will significantly increase the longevity of your unit, ensuring you get years and years of heat and enjoyment out of it. Our professional sweeps can spot any cracks, holes, clogs, or other issues right away! Give us a call today to learn more about all the services we can offer you.

Prefabricated Fireplaces: A Good Option For Any Home

Have you always dream about owning a fireplace, but don’t want to invest the time and money on a major reconstruction project? Consider a prefabricated fireplace! These units bring the same ambiance and warmth to your home. Additionally, all without tearing your structure apart to do so. With various design options out there, we are certain you will find something you will love for years to come!

Anatomy Of Prefab Fireplaces

Not sure what to expect from a prefabricated (or factory-built) fireplace? Well, let us provide some insight. These systems come with all of the parts necessary to form a proper functioning and aesthetically pleasing fireplace. With the help of a certified professional, they can be constructed in your home, then put to use – quick and easy! This set-up differs dramatically from their masonry counterparts, which require more heavy construction using bricks and mortar. While those are a more traditional set-up, they definitely require a lot more work – and they’re more expensive, too.

We must stress, though, that, despite being easier to construct, these units should never be installed without the help of a professional sweep. It’s always in your best interests to hire a CSIA certified technician to get the job done right. These systems come with precise instructions, and any minor slip up or misplacement can lead to some costly and dangerous problems. It’s not worth putting your loved ones as risk. If you need an expert, contact the staff at SirVent Chimney today!

Other Benefits Of Prefab Fireplaces

Prefabricated fireplaces are obviously a great choice for anyone looking for an easier way to install a fireplace. However, they have other benefits, too! For instance, since they are require less overall construction, there’s more flexibility as far as where they can be put in your home. Masonry options are heavier, making things a bit trickier when it comes to placement. Prefabricated fireplaces are the simpler option, for sure!

Homeowners also like making this investment because there is less initial cost involved. Along with this, it allows you the warmth and comfort of a fireplace; all without forcing you to make a huge commitment that will change the construction of your home forever. While these models are durable and will last you several years, they are not meant to function for decades, as a masonry-built fireplace would.

You Can Rest Easy With SirVent Chimney!

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