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Common Masonry Repairs

If you own a masonry chimney, it is important to know about the regular maintenance required to keep it in the best condition possible. All of the elements of the chimney are important for efficient functionality and knowing the different components will help out a lot in the long run, as far as preventing any major issues. Read up on some of the more common masonry repairs below and be sure to ask your chimney sweep to check for any signs of deterioration or damage in your next annual inspection.

Crown RepairCommon Masonry Repairs - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney & Venting Service

The chimney crown sits on top of the chimney and does all of the hard work in keeping dirt and excess debris out of it. It also shields the chimney from bad weather and helps to prevent the damage that comes with excess rain and winds. Since the crown ends up taking on a lot of wear and tear, it is often in need of regular repair and maintenance.

At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, we have the tools and expertise necessary for repairing or rebuilding any chimney crown. The experts here will do a thorough inspection of your crown and assess what it needs to work effectively for your masonry chimney. We will also do whatever possible to ensure that it will stay stronger longer, keeping your chimney and fireplace safe throughout any type of weather conditions.

Cracks and CrumblingCommon Masonry Repairs - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney & Venting Service

When water gets into your brick and mortar, your chimney ends up a lot weaker throughout time. Brick is very absorbent and all of the water it takes in during the warmer months will freeze when temperatures drop. Once the water thaws again during spring, your chimney will settle, putting a lot of excess pressure on your brickwork as a whole.

We have many different solutions for repairing any cracks or damage and for keeping your chimney strong throughout time. You can also look into our waterproofing options so you can avoid any issues with water damage in the future. At SirVent, we take our time and carefully analyze the best options for each customer’s specific needs. We want your chimney to last and work efficiently so that you can enjoy it to the fullest for many years into the future.


Flashing is necessary for preventing leaks and other forms of water damage. It entails putting metal sheets where the chimney and roof meet. If it is done correctly, you will find yourself with lasting protection, and your chimney will stay in great shape for many years. Unfortunately, if it is done by someone who is not properly educated on the process or technique involved in installing flashing, you may find yourself with more issues and problems.

Whether you need flashing repaired, have cracks or leaks, need crown work, or any other masonry issue, SirVent Chimney and Venting Service is here to help. Give us a call today!

Prevent Chimney Leaks

Springtime is finally here, but with the warmer temperatures often comes a lot of rain. Extra moisture throughout your chimney will eventually lead to costly and time-consuming damages. The best option is to take preventative measures beforehand to ensure that any leaks or excess water is stopped before it can soak into the brick and cause issues.

What Causes Leaks?Prevent Chimney Leaks - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Charlotte

A chimney leaks when it is not adequately protected. Although brick seems strong, outside elements can easily penetrate it, causing deterioration and cracking. Bad weather can quickly put wear and tear on your chimney and the brickwork will soak up moisture when it rains. Excess moisture breaks down the mortar and causes the chimney to settle when the freeze/thaw process occurs. All of these things contribute to leaks and the more leaks that occur, the higher the chances are of your chimney breaking down and collapsing.

How Can I Prevent Leaks?

There are many steps that can be taken to ensure that leaks do not become an issue. Follow these guidelines to ensure the structural soundness of your chimney.

  • Maintain Chimney Crown: A chimney cap or crown will help to keep water and animals out. Ensuring that it is kept up and made out of something durable will help a lot in keeping excess moisture out. If you are missing a chimney cap or if yours is damaged beyond repair, be sure to call in an expert to set you up with something sturdy. A professional chimney sweep will know what type you should get, based upon your chimney style, and can ensure that everything is installed properly.
  • Waterproof: By waterproofing your chimney before leaks and cracking can occur, you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run. There are various techniques and products that can be used to ensure that this job is done right. Knowing the correct process for applying these products can be tricky, so call an expert to be certain everything is addressed correctly. There is little sense in spending the money on these products, only to discover that water can still get through.
  • Address The Flashing: The flashing on your chimney can be a huge source of issues. The flashing is where your roof meets your chimney and water can easily enter at this point, should things not be properly sealed. Adding flashing can be a tricky and dangerous job, even for the more experienced do-it-yourselfer. A certified expert will know the best way to approach this situation and can fit the flashing to meet your specific chimney needs.

At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, we have everything you need to ensure that your chimney is waterproofed and ready to face any type of weather. Give us a call today so that we can prepare your brickwork before it is too late.

Avoid Leaks With Chimney Flashing

If you fear a leaking roof, then you are not alone. Moisture penetration in the home can mean water-stained walls and rotted wood, both of which are unsightly and cost a lot to repair. Avoid this issue altogether by investing in chimney flashing. This will help keep your home leak-free for years to come and will save you a lot of stress and extra costs down the line.Avoid Leaks With Chimney Flashing - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Charlotte

What Is Chimney Flashing?

There is a lot of information out there about the importance of waterproofing your brick to keep water out, but not a lot of people know what flashing is. The point at which the roof and the chimney meet is a common entry point for water to get it and start causing damage. The flashing is what protects this area from outside elements and keeps your home and roof safe and dry.

Potential Issues

There are many potential issues you may face, should you choose to neglect your flashing. Often times the damage caused by leaks and excess water are far more costly and time-consuming than the cost of regular upkeep. Get your flashing inspected today and avoid these issues.

  • Rust and Decay: The chimney itself, as well as the walls and surrounding areas, will face a lot of decay and deterioration should water be given the opportunity to penetrate them. This means unsightly stains and rot, as well as replacement costs for all the rusted metal components of the chimney (such as the chimney cap and fireplace accessories). On top of this, water can eventually make its way to your furniture and belongings, causing mold and mildew build-up.
  • Clogged Pathways: Owning a chimney means dealing with a lot of excess debris that needs to be cleaned out regularly. Adding moisture to this debris build-up makes it thicker, heavier, and that much harder to clean out. By keeping water out, you further avoid the possibility of tough clogs and other nasty build-up.
  • Nasty Odor: If you have a wood-burning chimney, then you know about creosote build-up. When water mixes with creosote the end result is not pleasant. This combination creates a foul odor that could permeate your home and soak into your curtains and furniture. Avoid this unpleasant scenario by fixing water problems before they start.
  • Chimney Collapse: If your chimney has problems with leaking, then getting these issues fixed right away is important in ensuring the longevity of your brick. The more moisture that gets sucked into the brick and mortar, the more likely your chimney is to break down entirely. A collapsed chimney means a lot of costly and time-consuming home repairs. Also, should your chimney collapse when someone is home, your family could be facing a lot of potential danger.

Save yourself the headache of dealing with these issues by taking preventative measures early on. Inspecting your chimney and flashing can be dangerous, and trying to install flashing to fit your unique chimney set-up is not ideal, even for the advanced do-it-yourselfers. Call in an expert today to get your flashing inspected so that you can keep your home and family dry for years to come.