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All Heating Appliances Need Annual Inspections

Whether you have a gas-fueled stove, a wood-burning fireplace, a prefabricated heating source, or something else, you are probably getting it ready for the cooler weather ahead. No matter what type of appliance you have, staying inside during the snow and sleet is always the best idea. However, this is not the case if your system is unfit for regular use.

A number of things can affect how well your heat source functions, which is why annual inspections are a must. Learn more about some of the risks you could encounter below, then count on our team of experts. We are NFI and CSIA certified, so you can rest easy.

The Threat Of Carbon Monoxide

One threat that comes with running a dirty or damaged fireplace or stove is the possibility of carbon monoxide entering your home. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and is known for causing multiple deaths every year. Unfortunately, it has no color or odor, making it virtually impossible to detect with your basic senses.

Having a professional technician look at your system over once per year will reduce your risk of carbon monoxide exposure significantly, and your system will run more efficiently too. We also advise homeowners to invest in carbon monoxide detectors so they stay protected, no matter what.

Increased Risk Of House Fires

Another problem with dirty chimneys is that they are more prone to experience a chimney fire, which can cause serious damage. Creosote is very flammable. The more you have in your system, the more likely it is to spread flames throughout your structure, breaking down your liner and causing all kinds of deterioration.

Once your brickwork, liner, and mortar is weakened, it won’t take long before the heat and flames from your fireplace escape into your home. Adjacent woodwork can catch on fire within a few hours when given the chance, and it won’t be long before you are facing substantial property damage. This is one case where paying for an inspection now can save you thousands down the line!

Do Your Dryer Vents Need Attention?

Like your chimney, your dryer vents need annual care, too. They should be cleaned out once a year to ensure all flammable lint and debris is removed. Neglecting this maintenance can easily lead to gas leaks, dryer fires, and property damage. If your dryer is unusually hot, taking longer than normal to dry a load of laundry, or giving off a warm, musty odor, then consider talking with our team today.

Finding a reliable chimney company shouldn’t be a big hassle, which is why we are here to help. We offer honest, upfront pricing, and we would love to help you keep your home as safe as possible for the upcoming burning season. Call today!

Top Reasons To Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

Dryer vents require regular maintenance, inspections, and cleanings, much like chimneys. If you already depend on the team at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service for your fireplace services, we have good news – you can rely on us for dryer vent cleanings, installations, and services! You can count on our CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians to get the job done right.

Make us your one-stop shop for it all. We’re ready to help you out soon!

Clean Vents Increase Efficiency

So, why are dryer vent cleanings so important? Well, for one thing, clean vents ensure better results from your dryer. If you’ve been waiting cycle after cycle for your clothes to be properly dried, then you know how frustrating an inefficient appliance can be. Your time is valuable, so why waste your day trying to finish a simple load of laundry? If your clothes aren’t dry in 45 minutes or less, then your vents are likely in some trouble. Give us a call, so we can set you up right!

Clean Vents Make Your Home Safer

Dryer vent cleanings are also necessary because of the safety hazards clogged vents can present. Lint is very flammable, and obstructions can easily cause your system to overheat. The combination of these two factors could cause a fire to start up in a hurry. Fires due to faulty appliances, especially dryers, are a lot more common than you might think. Thousands of homes in the U.S. are affected by this very issue every single year!

In addition, clogs lead to gas leaks, which means you and loved ones inside of your home could be exposed to carbon monoxide or other harmful fumes. Carbon monoxide can be deadly when not treated promptly. Since it is colorless and odorless, it’s impossible to detect with one’s basic senses. We encourage all homeowners to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for their home and to depend on us for regular maintenance to minimize any risks of exposure significantly.

Clean Vents Save You Money

As you can see, clean vents do wonders for ensuring you live a safer and easier lifestyle, but did you know that you can actually save money down the line by investing in regular cleanings? First of all, you’ll save thousands in potential damages by avoiding a house fire. These disasters can take an incredible toll on a family’s budget and it takes up precious time, as well.

Along with this, a dryer that’s running all of the time results in a higher energy bills each month. That can add up a lot over the course of a year and all of the extra money spent could’ve easily been applied to your annual cleaning! The benefits to regular maintenance go on and on and nothing should come between you and your home and family’s safety. Call us now for peace of mind and reassurance in the months ahead – you deserve it!

3 Signs Your Dryer Vents Need Cleaning

Homeowners everywhere are becoming more and more aware of the importance of dryer vent cleaning. This is a service that should be done at least once per year, as it plays a significant role in keeping your home and family safer.

Clogged dryer vents are known for causing fires, and the worse your clogs are, the more likely it is that harmful toxins will back up into your living space. There’s no point in taking the risk. If you are concerned about the condition of your dryer vents, read below to find out what you should be looking out for.

Unusually High Temperatures

Does your laundry room seem warmer than usual? If you notice excess heat around your dryer, this is a clear sign that clogs are present. Your dryer is likely overheating because the fumes cannot properly escape. Higher than normal temperatures are a typical occurrence when vents are overdue for a cleaning.

Along with this, your clothes may be hotter to the touch after coming out of the dryer, and your dryer itself will likely be exceptionally warm after use. Both of these things are not normal and you should have your venting system inspected as soon as possible.

Longer Drying Times

Another clear cut sign of trouble is longer drying cycles. If it seems like your clothes cannot get dry lately (forcing you to run your dryer over and over again), then things are not functioning as they should be. Many blame the dryer itself and look into purchasing a new one, only to later learn the problem could have been solved with a simple dryer vent cleaning.

Excess Dryer Lint

Lastly, look for excess dryer lint both in and around your dryer. Lint should only be contained to the lint trap itself. If it is coming out of the trap or showing up in your laundry pile, then it isn’t escaping efficiently through the vents. That pathway needs to be cleaned out and cleared so that you aren’t left with lint piles all throughout your laundry room.

Also, remember to empty your lint trap after every drying cycle. This is good practice for ensuring your appliance runs well every time, and it lessens your risk of hazardous complications.

We Are Here For You

At Sirvent Chimney & Venting Service we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. We take pride in offering this service, and we can assure you that you’ll be satisfied with the end results. Not only will your home be safer… You’ll also save money on energy bills, save time on chores, and you can rest easy knowing your dryer has everything it needs to stand the test of time.

Why wait on investing in this top-of-the-line service? Give us a call today!

Does Your Dryer Vent Need Cleaning?

Dryer vents are something that homeowners rarely think about until their appliance starts malfunctioning. Neglecting your dryer vent can lead to lots of issues, such as inefficient drying cycles, blockages, and even house fires! Problems range from big to small and all of them take a toll on your health, your home, and your budget.

If you are concerned about the condition of your dryer vents, check out the following things that typically occur when clogs are present. Then, call in a professional right away to check things over. A certified tech will do a thorough inspection and cleaning, so you can get back to your regular routine in no time!

Common Issues

Long Drying Times: If you have to run your dryer through two or more cycles to get all of your clothes dry, then something is obviously not right. These machines are designed to dry all of your laundry the first time around! Typically 30 – 45 minutes should do the trick for a normal-sized load. If your drying time is double or triple that, then call in a professional now before things get worse!

Higher Bills: Longer and more frequent drying cycles means higher energy bills. The last thing any homeowner needs is a spike in their monthly payments! Schedule an inspection now to save yourself money throughout the year.

Excessive Heat: If your dryer seems unusually hot to the touch, then it is definitely time for a check-up. This goes for the clothing you are drying, as well. If clothes are warmer than usual, it is a sign that your dryer vent is not able to circulate air effectively. The room itself may be warmer than usual, too! Any excessive heat in association with your dryer is a clear cut sign that some professional insight is needed.

Visible Debris: You may be noticing lint or other debris accumulating in various places in and around your dryer. You should be checking your lint trap after every drying cycle… If it seems that more than usual is building up, this may mean your vents are clogged. If lint is accumulating outside of the lint trap, then you definitely want to get things checked out! You may also notice debris outside of the dryer vent opening, itself.

Musty Odors: Do your clothes smell funny after removing them from the dryer? A musty odor is common when the venting system is backed up. The dryer sheets may also be odorous. Give your laundry a good whiff after each drying cycle to ensure things are where they need to be.

Call In A Professional!

While many feel they can clean their dryer vents themselves, we highly recommend calling in a professional. As stated above, any malfunctions in your venting systems can lead to fires and you may also be faced with harmful toxins backing up into your home. Not to mention, if anything is done incorrectly, it can lead to even bigger problems down the line.

The techs at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service can help you out – give us a call today!

Begin 2016 with a Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most people do not consider their dryer as something that could potentially threaten their home. Despite these misconceptions, all dryers require regular maintenance to remain safe for use. Dryer vents are often unseen and are rarely given much thought by homeowners. Yet, they should be professionally cleaned on a routine basis to avoid many potential hazards.

Here are just some of the things caused by a dirty or clogged dryer vent.Begin 2016 with a Dryer Vent Cleaning - Lake Norman NC -Sirvent Charlotte


  • House Fires: Statistics show that dryers are responsible for a large amount of fires in homes. If the vent is not cleaned regularly, then it cannot exhaust properly. This then causes the dryer to overheat, which could easily ignite a fire within your home. Many unnecessary deaths and injuries have been caused by fires that were started in a dryer vent, emphasizing how important it is to have it cleaned.


  • Toxic Fumes: If a dryer vent is blocked up, the fumes associated with the appliance have nowhere to escape. Instead, they travel back the way they came and settle within your home. These fumes can be very hazardous to the health of the people living in the house and many need treatment due to exposure to these toxins. In the long run, it is much better to pay for a regular cleaning than pay medical bills for health problems that could have been easily avoided.


  • Lower Efficiency: A clogged dryer vent will not allow your dryer to work as efficiently as it could. This leads to less productivity when it comes to drying your laundry and higher electric bills, as you are forced to run your dryer multiple times to get your clothes dry. You may think it is time for a new dryer, when really all you need to do is get your dryer vent professionally cleaned.


Warning Signs

There are some warning signs to look out for that might indicate you need your dryer vents inspected. If your clothes are not drying as quickly (or not drying at all) this is a good sign that you need a vent cleaning. Other signs are your dryer becoming excessively hot, your laundry room becoming more humid, or a burnt smell coming from the dryer.

What To Do

Many try to take on the task of cleaning their vents themselves, but it is best to hire a professional to do the job. With the many hazards that could arise from a dryer vent, the safest option is to get an expert in to make sure that everything is done properly. They can also offer any advice or insight as far as what steps you can take to keep things in good shape and what warning signs to look out for.

SirVent Chimney and Venting Service has all of the tools you need to get your dryer vent in proper working condition. Our professionals can get your dryer working safely and efficiently. Give us a call today!