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All Heating Appliances Need Annual Inspections

Whether you have a gas-fueled stove, a wood-burning fireplace, a prefabricated heating source, or something else, you are probably getting it ready for the cooler weather ahead. No matter what type of appliance you have, staying inside during the snow and sleet is always the best idea. However, this is not the case if your system is unfit for regular use.

A number of things can affect how well your heat source functions, which is why annual inspections are a must. Learn more about some of the risks you could encounter below, then count on our team of experts. We are NFI and CSIA certified, so you can rest easy.

The Threat Of Carbon Monoxide

One threat that comes with running a dirty or damaged fireplace or stove is the possibility of carbon monoxide entering your home. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and is known for causing multiple deaths every year. Unfortunately, it has no color or odor, making it virtually impossible to detect with your basic senses.

Having a professional technician look at your system over once per year will reduce your risk of carbon monoxide exposure significantly, and your system will run more efficiently too. We also advise homeowners to invest in carbon monoxide detectors so they stay protected, no matter what.

Increased Risk Of House Fires

Another problem with dirty chimneys is that they are more prone to experience a chimney fire, which can cause serious damage. Creosote is very flammable. The more you have in your system, the more likely it is to spread flames throughout your structure, breaking down your liner and causing all kinds of deterioration.

Once your brickwork, liner, and mortar is weakened, it won’t take long before the heat and flames from your fireplace escape into your home. Adjacent woodwork can catch on fire within a few hours when given the chance, and it won’t be long before you are facing substantial property damage. This is one case where paying for an inspection now can save you thousands down the line!

Do Your Dryer Vents Need Attention?

Like your chimney, your dryer vents need annual care, too. They should be cleaned out once a year to ensure all flammable lint and debris is removed. Neglecting this maintenance can easily lead to gas leaks, dryer fires, and property damage. If your dryer is unusually hot, taking longer than normal to dry a load of laundry, or giving off a warm, musty odor, then consider talking with our team today.

Finding a reliable chimney company shouldn’t be a big hassle, which is why we are here to help. We offer honest, upfront pricing, and we would love to help you keep your home as safe as possible for the upcoming burning season. Call today!

Schedule A Sweeping With Us Before Fall

Clogs, creosote, and excess debris all hinder a fireplace’s performance significantly, as well as put your home and family at risk. If you’re in need of sweeping this fall, don’t hesitate to call us in. You deserve to enjoy your holiday season to the fullest, and this is a surefire way to guarantee countless comfortable and cozy evenings indoors when temperatures are freezing outside.

Our trained and experienced crew is ready to serve. Schedule now, so we can find a time slot that works well for you. It’s our busy season, so there’s no time to lose!Brick chimneys in the background of a pile of leaves on a roof

Avoiding Gas Leaks & Carbon Monoxide

One thing regular sweepings help to minimize is the risk of gas leaks and exposure to harmful fumes, such as carbon monoxide. When there’s a lot of build up inside of your system, you won’t get good air flow, which is vital for safer functioning all around. When the fumes and smoke produced by the fire cannot find enough pathways to escape outdoors, they’ll simply turn around and enter your home, putting your loved ones at risk.

Smoke in the living room is never ideal, and it can stink up your furniture and belongings in a hurry. However, carbon monoxide gives off no odor so it won’t leave bad smells in your home, but this is a disadvantage when it comes to keeping your loved ones safer. Because this gas is so hard to detect, people often don’t realize they’ve been exposed until they are feeling ill and this results in multiple carbon monoxide-related deaths every single year.

Avoid potential risks by letting us look things over to see if a sweeping is in order. We also suggest having carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home, so you and your loved ones can be alerted at the first signs of danger. It’s an easy step that can make a huge difference down the line!

Dangers Of Creosote

Creosote is another substance that threatens the safety of your home and family. It needs to be regularly removed and, when it isn’t, it can clog up your chimney and threaten the structural integrity of your brickwork and mortar.

The biggest threat against your chimney is actually flammable nature and the increased likelihood of experiencing a chimney fire. Chimney fires break down your chimney’s interior, making you more prone to a collapse, and they also create pathways in which flames and fumes can escape into your home. If a homeowner uses a fireplace that has undergone a chimney fire, their risk of experiencing a house fire or gas leak increases significantly.

Give Us A Call Now, Before Cold Weather Strikes

If you’re eager to put your fireplace to use on the first cold days of the year, then give us a call right away to schedule your sweeping. When it comes to the safety of your home and family, there’s simply no time to lose! Our team is ready to serve you.