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Invest In An Energy-Top Damper For A Cooler Home This Summer

Many love the summertime heat but that doesn’t mean you want to be exposed to it in your home. A cool home feels great on a hot day but sometimes the fireplace can ruin this. Don’t let your cold air escape up the chimney this summer!

white brick house with white brick chimney and cap

This not only makes it hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, it can put a strain on your monthly energy bills, as well. The harder your AC is working, the more you’ll wind up paying, putting a dent in your bank account and triggering a lot of stress.

If you are looking for a solution that will last for the long haul, consider investing in an energy-top damper. Learn more about these below, then call in our team right away, so we can get yours installed.

All About Energy-Top Dampers

How does an energy-top damper work? Similar to throat dampers, they can be opened and closed with a chain or handle located inside of your fireplace. Rather than being installed at the base of your chimney, they are installed at the top of it. Why is this better? It allows them to work similarly to a chimney cap to keep birds, rain, and debris out of your chimney.

Along with this, they provide a tight seal with a rubber gasket ensuring no air gets in and no air gets out when the damper is not in use. There’s no doubt about it. When you invest in an energy-top damper, you get the protection you deserve!

To top it off, energy-top dampers are known for their streamlined appearance, ensuring your curb appeal is not affected at all. In fact, when closed, most cannot be seen from the street. There is no doubt that these are a solid investment for your home and chimney. Get in touch with our sweeps today to get yours installed!

What If I Already Have A Throat Damper?

Throat dampers work ok, but they don’t do a great job of keeping conditioned air inside. Because they are made of metal, they do not seal very well and are prone to rust. Rust can make them hard to operate and warp the metal.

If you are ready to get the upgrade you deserve, count the SirVent Chimney team every step of the way. Our crew is CSIA and NFI certified, members of the NCSG, and equipped with everything necessary to get the job done right. So, what are you waiting for? Call today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How Summer Weather Affects Your Chimney

Between the bright summer sun and rising temperatures, the last thing most homeowners think about in the summer is their chimney and fireplace. Many put regular maintenance off until later in the yea the when weather starts to get colder. Yet, investing in cleanings and inspections now will help your chimney stand strong through anything that the summer weather throws its way. Learn more below!

Summer Storms & Your Masonry

When it comes to your chimney and brickwork, you may think that weather problems can only occur during the cold months. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case! When summer storms and heavy rainfall occurs, your chimney faces a lot of wear and tear, and it becomes vulnerable to water damage.

Water damage triggers lots of other issues. Your unit will look unsightly thanks to water stains and deterioration, and the entire structure will weaken as rot, rust, cracks, decay, and more take their toll on your brickwork. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your chimney from all of this! Waterproofing is one of the best services to invest in. It provides a thin, yet strong, layer of protection, so that your chimney can vent, while stopping any moisture from getting in.

You can also take extra precautions by installing a chimney cap, installing flashing, inspecting your chimney crown, and by checking on the condition of your mortar. Call us in, so we can do a thorough check of your system right away!

Avoiding Summer Heat

Another issue we hear a lot is from frustrated homeowners concerned about the state of their air conditioner. If you have a chimney, chances are your A/C unit is just fine… What tends to happen is the cool air inside of your home escapes through your chimney into the outside air. This then forces you to crank up your A/C, which in turn causes your energy bills to soar.

Many homeowners have throat dampers, so they figure they’re in the clear when it comes to the indoor temperature of their home. Unfortunately, throat dampers aren’t always as effective as we’d like them to be. It’s easy for these products to leak out your cool air (or warm air in the winter) leaving you wondering why you can’t find that perfect temperature you’re seeking.

Solve the issue by having an energy-top damper installed! These units come with a rubber seal, so you no longer have to worry about any indoor air escaping. They’re also installed at the top of your chimney, rather than the bottom, so they help to keep out animals, water, and excess debris, as well! And on top of all that, they stop those annoying downdrafts from swooping down your chimney and into your home. It’s a no-brainer… have yours installed today!

Bad Smells

Lastly, summer heat can bring about some bad smells sweeping through your chimney. We can help you out with the appropriate tools to block these smells, but one of the best things you can do is schedule a cleaning with us. Call today, so we can get you in before the fall rush!

There’s no time to lose… pick up the phone now!