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New Year, New Flue

Did you notice your chimney functioning less efficient as 2018 came to a close? Then, maybe it’s time to start the new year off right with a new flue liner! If your liner isn’t in good shape, you may start experiencing issues with your fireplace. A faulty liner also put you at risk for serious problems, which can put your family and home in danger. Don’t take any chances. Count on us to get the job done right for you!

Get Your Inspection Scheduled

stainless steel linerFirst, you’ll need to schedule an inspection with our CSIA certified team. This gives us the opportunity to see how your flue is currently operating and what repairs it needs. If we discover that relining work is necessary, we’ll be able to get a start on things right away. If not, we can move forward with whatever repairs are necessary for getting your system back to top efficiency!

Relining Your Flue

If your flue liner is cracked, crumbling, rusted, or broken down, then a new liner is necessary to guarantee a safer and more efficient chimney. Depending on the type of appliance you operate and the type of fuel you use, we will reline your system with the appropriate equipment.

We offer terra cotta clay tiles, aluminum, or stainless steel relining options. While more expensive than the others, stainless steel is typically the popular choice, due to its long-lasting durability and its versatility as it can be used with any type of fuel. This means, should you change fuel types down the line, you won’t have to worry about what your liner is made out of.

Functions Of Your Flue

So, why is a well-working flue so important? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, your chimney liner protects your home from the intense heat that your fireplace produces. When you burn a fire in a system that isn’t properly lined, the high temperatures could trigger a fire in your home within a few hours! That’s a very unsettling thought.

An unlined flue also makes your brickwork and mortar more vulnerable to deterioration. As the acidic flue gases are given easy access to you masonry, and the fumes wear down your structure, your home becomes vulnerable to gas leaks. This puts you and loved ones at the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Finally, a properly lined flue leads to increased efficiency. You deserve to get the most from your appliance, so call us in today. We still have a lot of winter ahead of us, so pick up the phone and get in touch with our sweeps today!

HeatShield Chimney Liners

Is your chimney liner showing signs of distress? At SirVent Chimney & Venting Service, our CSIA certified crew can restore or reline your chimney or flue, no problem! Count on our experienced and qualified staff to get the job done right the first time, so you don’t have to face more problems down the line. When you work with us, you can rest easy – we’ve got your back through it all!

About Your Liner

HeatShield Chimney Liners - Lake Norman NC - SirVent CharlotteThe team at SirVent uses the best tools and products available for our jobs because we believe that our customers only deserve the best. This is especially true for your liner because it plays such an important role in how well and how safely your fireplace functions! Your liner provides a shield for your masonry, so the heat and flames from your fire won’t destroy it. Without a chimney liner in place, your brickwork and mortar will melt, crack, and crumble, making your system unsafe for regular use and shortening the lifespace of your chimney.

In addition, a chimney liner isolates the intense temperatures in your fireplace. Without this barrier in place, adjacent woodwork could catch fire in only a matter of hours! Lastly, your flue enhances efficiency. With a well-functioning liner in place, your fireplace will run better than ever and you won’t have to stress about the comfort and safety of your family throughout your burning season.

Why We Trust HeatShield

If you’ve worked with us in the past, then you know how seriously we take our job. Keeping homes throughout our service area as safe as possible is why we do what we do, and we want to ensure your home is in the best hands available. That’s why we trust HeatShield! HeatShield is the number one pick by sweeps all throughout the country, and it provides a seal unlike any other.

The creators of HeatShield are well aware of the dangers a faulty liner can present. They’ve built this product to protect homeowners from fire and hazardous toxins. We use HeatShield because we know it gets the job done!

Investing In Regular Maintenance

Our team can repair, restore, or replace your chimney liner as needed and, once we’re through, we encourage you to depend on us for your yearly maintenance down the line. Annual inspections are recommended by the CSIA, and they provide a surefire way to spot damages, clogs, and obstructions before they get worse. Addressing repairs as soon as possible is the best way to save money in the long run. It ensures your home and family stay safer, too! Call us now to get your next appointment on the books!

Why You May Need A Chimney Relining

Chimney relining is a service that greatly benefits the health and longevity of your chimney and fireplace. Your liner plays a big role in keeping the inside of your flue protected and strong and, if yours is out of alignment or broken down, you’ll find yourself facing lots of timely and costly issues with your system.

Learn more about this service here, then check out our website to see how we can help you out soon!Why You May Need a Chimney Relining Image - Lake Norman NC - SirVent Chimney

What Does A Chimney Liner Do?

A chimney liner works really hard for your chimney. First of all, it prevents fire and heat from moving past your brickwork and onto your housing materials and surrounding woodwork. These materials are obviously a lot more flammable than masonry, and you may be surprised how quickly you’ll see flames without the protection of a liner.

The masonry itself also needs a shield to protect it from the incredible heat your fireplace produces. Your mortar will break down fast if left exposed, and the resulting holes and cracks allow pathways for these hazardous toxins to enter your home. We want you to get years and years of use out of your chimney, with as few problems as possible. Have it relined, so you know you’re good to go!

Last, but not least, liners help you run your fireplace efficiently. When you light fires, you want to the best results you can get! Yet, this is only possible if proper upkeep and maintenance are applied. If your liner isn’t sized correctly, you’ll see more creosote build up, meaning more costly investments will be necessary to get things running well again.

Consider A Stainless Steel Liner

As you can see, having a properly sized and correctly installed liner is important! While there are a few different materials you can choose from in a liner (such as clay, metal, or aluminum), one of the best options you can pick is stainless steel. If you know anything about stainless steel, you know it’s built to withstand quite a bit!

At SirVent Chimney & Venting Service we offer all types of flue options, but like to point out that stainless steel is quite popular among our customers. It can be used with various fuels and it simply cannot be beat in durability. If you want something that will stand the test of time, then stainless steel is the choice for you!

You Can Count On Us

For chimney and flue relining throughout the Lake Norman area, you can count on our team at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service. Our experts are trained and certified to spot any areas that may be showing deterioration. Inspecting a liner isn’t always an easy process and spotting all of the issues on your own is not very likely. We have the tools and expertise needed to get the job done right!

Call us today to learn more!