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Invest In Chimney Caps & Chase Covers To Prevent Leaks

Worried about spring showers wreaking havoc on your chimney system? There is no doubt that water and excess moisture can cause a lot of damage, so investing in adequate protection is a vital step for ensuring your fireplace is efficient and safe. Fortunately, the team at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service have just what your system needs to stay in good condition for many years.

What Is A Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap serves an important purpose when it comes to preventing water damage. It covers your flue opening. If heavy rain starts, no water will get into your chimney with a chimney cap. Chimney caps are a must, especially this time of year. It is an affordable investment, as well.

Chimney caps also stop stray sparks from landing on your roof, and they prevent downdrafts, block excess debris, and keep out curious animals. All in all, they work really well to keep your home and chimney protected. They even offer a better functioning system too.

What Is A Chase Cover?

Depending on how your chimney was built, a chase cover may be necessary. Chase covers goes on top of the opening of prefabricated units, so water cannot penetrate. When designed and installed correctly, a chase cover will direct water away from your chimney, ensuring no moisture enters the flue to destroy your liner.

Types Of Water Damage

Water can affect your chimney in multiple ways. First, it can penetrate your brickwork, triggering the freeze/thaw process. This can cause all kinds of decay and deterioration to occur. When cracks and holes start to form in your structure, your fireplace becomes unsafe for use and is a bit of an eyesore too.

Along with this, metal components will start to rust, and you might notice rotting throughout your system. This causes mold accumulation, stains, and stubborn clogs, and quite a mess on your hands. All of these issues take quite a bit of time and money to resolve, making preventative maintenance a worthwhile investment.

Talk With Us Today

If you talk with our team today, we can easily find solutions that suit your needs. When it comes to water damage and moisture exposure, the sooner you address the problem, the better. We provide fast, efficient results.

Our crew is CSIA certified, members of the NCSG, and we have the experience you are looking for. We can’t wait to help you out!

Reasons To Install A Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are an essential part of your chimney’s anatomy, but not everyone is aware of the importance of having one. A chimney cap performs multiple job for your fireplace, and it is affordable too. There’s no reason to not have one on your chimney, learn more about the benefits of a chimney cap below.

Keeping Out Water

One of the biggest benefits of a chimney cap is to prevent water damage. When water is allowed into your flue and then absorbed in your brickwork, the damage can be quite devastating. You’ll be forced to spend hundreds of dollars to repair cracks, holes, and deterioration.

A chimney cap is installed over the flue so water cannot enter to trigger countless issues. In fact, Underwriters Laboratories won’t qualify a lining system as meeting their standards if a chimney cap is not installed. If your have a fireplace, let us help your fireplace to remain and be safe for use for many years to come, without fearing for structural damage that may lead to an eventual settlement or collapse. Give our team a call right now.

Preventing Animal Entry

Another huge benefit of chimney caps is their success pf keeping out birds and other creatures. Chimneys offer a perfect location for animals to enter and settle in, and they often choose these warm and cozy spots to build nests. Unfortunately, animals such as raccoons are known to get stuck inside your chimney. It’s safer for both the homeowner and the animals to have your chimney properly sealed.

Less Debris Buildup

Creosote and materials produced by your fire will always build up in your chimney, and they need to be cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid clogs and other hazardous issues. What about debris from the outdoors? It’s also very common for sticks, leaves, dirt, and other materials to get blown into the chimney, thus triggering clogs and buildup in your chimney.

To make matters even worst, animals can easily bring in things to use for nesting materials. This can lead to a clog really fast. Clogs lead to issues with airflow inside your chimney, putting your home and family at risk. Clogs also prevent your chimney from functioning efficiently and safely.

Other Benefits

Worried about stray sparks landing on your flammable roof? We have chimney caps that could stop sparks from escaping your fireplace. Chimney caps also help to stop downdrafts from coming down your chimney. Downdrafts affect the temperature inside of your home, making things less comfortable while also hiking up your energy bills. Chimney caps are one of the most beneficial things you can invest in for your chimney. Ask our team of experts about repairing or installing one right now by calling 704-621-9373.