What Kind Of Condition Is Your Flashing In?

Water can be a serious threat to your chimney system, causing everything from brick discoloration and decay to interior rust and corrosion. But there are certain components in place that can protect your chimney and prevent water from entering and wreaking havoc. One of these important components in the flashing.

What Is Flashing?

Flashing refers to a series of protective metal sheets that are layered around the chimney where it exits the roof. When professionally and properly installed and maintained, flashing can offer your chimney water protection for years. But unfortunately, flashing isn’t always doing its job.

Common Reasons Flashing Fails

Some of the most common reasons flashing fails:

  • Not all flashing jobs are done correctly. It may be hard to believe, but some flashing installations are done by inexperienced, undertrained and undereducated workers. But there really is a system to properly laying flashing, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your flashing won’t stand up to the test of time or weather.
  • Severe weather may have caused the flashing to lift or separate. Strong winds can pull flashing away from the chimney or roof, making the area vulnerable to water penetration. Additionally, high winds can knock down tree limbs, which can ding flashing and leave dents where water can gather and cause corrosion.
  • Earthquakes or house shifts may have compromised the flashing. Even though earthquakes aren’t common here in Charlotte, we do have them. And just like the shifting and settling of the home, an earthquake can make those close, tight seams in your flashing open up and separate.
  • Animals can damage and lift flashing. Animals are oftentimes responsible for tampering with flashing and rendering it ineffective.
  • Water may have gathered and rusted through flashing. Whether due to improper installation, strong winds, animal tampering, debris, or another cause, water can sometimes pool on the flashing and cause it to rust through.

If We Find That Your Flashing Is Damaged – We Can Fix It

The team here at SirVent has years of flashing installation and repair experience, and can make sure your flashing is doing its job. If you’ve noticed water in and around your chimney; experienced extreme weather; or you’ve seen raised or dented places in your flashing, give us a call!

Make Sure Your Flashing Is Doing Its Job

By scheduling regular professional inspections and having all of your chimney work done by a certified professional, you can have the assurance of knowing that your flashing is properly installed and doing its job. To have your flashing inspected and/or repaired by the pros, give SirVent a call today! We also offer online scheduling here.


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