Give Your Home Added Efficiency & A New Look With A Prefab Or Factory-Built Fireplace!

Let’s face it: having a new fireplace built can be a big undertaking and require a big chunk of time and money. But having a new fireplace built brick by brick isn’t your only option. Our certified and expertly trained team of professionals can also install a new prefabricated or factory-built fireplace, so that you can start enjoying the efficiency and warmth of a new fireplace at a fraction of the time and cost!

What Is A Prefabricated/Factory-Built Fireplace?

Unlike a masonry fireplace, which is constructed on site by a team of professional (hopefully) masons, a prefabricated or factory-built fireplace is made in a factory and simply “put together” or “installed’ on site. Each manufacturer has a specific chimney designed for a specific fireplace, and together, these systems can give you reliable and consistent enjoyment and warmth.

Other Than Cost & Time, Why Choose Factory-Built?

More and more homeowners are choosing factory-built/pre-fab fireplace for a few reasons. Aside from the fact that these factory-built units are typically more affordable than their masonry counterparts, they also weigh less, which means they can be installed in an area of the home that may not be able to support a masonry fireplace. They also don’t require as much of a commitment, because they aren’t actually built into the home.

If you are considering a factory-built fireplace, however, it is important to keep in mind that it should not be expected to last as long as a masonry fireplace system. Prefab units will most likely need to be replaced after several years, whereas a well-constructed and properly maintained masonry fireplace can last decades.

Why Have My Prefabricated/Factory-Built Fireplace Installed By Professionals?

These systems are tested as a unit for optimal safety and efficiency, but in order to enjoy that reliability, the assembly and installation instructions from the manufacturer must be followed to a T. If anything is missing or installed improperly, the integrity of the entire system will be compromised, and you and your family could be in great danger.

But when you have your new prefabricated/factory-built fireplace installed by the team at SirVent, you can be confident in the performance of your new addition. Our technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and are familiar with all brands and types of factory-built units. With SirVent, you’re guaranteed a quick and professional installation so that you can get to enjoying your new fireplace, stress-free and worry-free.

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